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Meet The Beasts

Ferocious beasts Lewis, Troy and Abed roam the Hive house. On the hunt for treaties, and toys. 



Mr.Bear, His Highness, 

Hi I'm Lewis. I like to snuggle with my humans for a nap, or curl up in a sunny spot or by the fire.

I would really like the kittens treats, but I'm on a special diet and can only have subpar treats and kibble. 

I like to play with my kittens when I'm in the mood. Especially in the middle of the night. That's the best time to play. 



Troy Boy, Mr. Troy, Ham, Ham Roll

Hi I'm Troy! Abed is my brother. Although I have been told I'm the biggest cat in the house, I'm pretty sure I'm actually the smallest. 

I love to play with feather toys, and blue fuzzy mice. I enjoy watching the birds in the nest out front, and the rain when it hits the window. 

Belly rubs are basically the best thing after snacks. 

I'm curious, but also scared of new things at first. Once I get to know you, I will demand pets. 



Adventure Cat, Mr. Bed, House Panther

I'm Abed, and I love to explore. Nothing is off limits. 

When I hang out with my humans I like to ride on their shoulders so I can see everything. I'm extra helpful that way. 

My favorite toys are the feathers on a stick, balls, and really anything I can make a cool noise with. 

I really love strings and the smell of sheep, so the knitting bag is really interesting. 

I like to be pet, but please no belly rubs unless I'm really tired. 

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