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ElECTRIC Karmann Ghia Project

Project Inception

I'm not even sure how I got on to the subject of Electric Cars. I'm sure it was some YouTube video I saw and thought, that's cool I bet I could do that. My wife's first car was a Canary Yellow Beetle, and when I met her she was driving an Orange Karmann Ghia. She sold that car because she needed something more reliable and has regretted that decision ever since. I too love the look of the Ghia and agree with the sentiments from Regular Car Reviews "The most beautiful car I've seen to date" 


She wanted another Karmann Ghia and I wanted a car to convert to electric, and the age of the technology in old VWs just makes sense for a first conversion. 


We did a bunch of preliminary research just to make sure it was feasible and discovered, EV West, Corbin Dunn's Plug Bug and Jay Donnaway's Karmann Eclectic.  


We started looking for one to purchase, we need a currently running car with a pretty good body that was relatively inexpensive. This immediately ruled out convertibles unfortunately, but that's ok. The thought was we would drive the car as we started gathering components for the conversion, while also doing whatever restoration work we needed to. This would allow us to spread the expense out over time and we would still have a beautiful classic car even if the conversion never happened. 

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