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ElECTRIC Karmann Ghia Project

Picking up the Parts 

When ordering the parts for the conversion we decided it would be a fun trip to drive down to San Marcos and pick up the parts check out the shop at EV West and spend a day at Disney. Saving a little bit of freight cost in exchange for a nice little weekend vacation. We planned our trip in early April around the lead time they estimated and let them know our plans. We found out just before heading down there that there was more of a backlog than they estimated on getting the batteries and motor, the 2 biggest and heaviest item for the build. It was too late to change our plans. We had already removed the seats from our van in anticipation. So we headed down, had a good time at Disney, made it down to San Marcos toured the shop got to play a little with a tesla motor on a test bench. It was a good trip even though our car was mostly empty on the way back. 


It took until late June for their backlog of motors and batteries to clear up and for the rest of the parts to be available to be shipped. HPEVS was having some supplier issues at the time which caused extra delays with the motor. I didn't waste much time getting started but quickly realized I needed a different motor coupler. I kept the stock flywheel and pressure plate, this heavy beast screws on to a 4 pin coupler with a gland nut, and the coupler I received was a 5-bolt Porsche or performance clutch coupler. EV West quickly got that squared away with me and by the end of July I had the motor installed in the car. 

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