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ElECTRIC Karmann Ghia Project


Accelerated Timeline 

At the beginning of 2018 I received a larger than expected bonus from work. This combined with the tuning issues we were still having with the engine convinced us to move up our timeline. We even decided to take out a small personal loan in order to splurge on a larger battery pack while helping out our credit score. We opted to go with the EV West package, and after testing space with some cardboard mockups we went with 10 Tesla Model S battery modules. This setup should sit us well over our Medium range goal, as well as squarely hitting both the second and third goals. 


We put together an order, then got a pop-up canopy setup in the driveway and started ripping the car apart. Pulled the engine, starter motor, gas tank and sold all those on craigslist we kept the clutch to be reused in the conversion. We ripped all of the wiring out of the car and started from scratch with a brand new 12v harness. We bought LEDs to replace every bulb on the car. Slowly we started ripping out carpet cleaning up spaces, we laid down new rubberized sound deadening. Ran the new harness, wired all the fixtures, and modernized the lights. Replaced the scratched door windows and most of the rubber in the car. There still a lot of work in this space that will be ongoing.

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