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Fire Pit and Walkway Progress

Updated: May 6, 2022

Starting in April of 2021we decided that the backyard could use a little something more. We wanted to add stairs off the deck near the hot tub, but lumber costs were outrageous. So we settled on building a fire pin in a barely used sloped part of the back yard.

We began by leveling the area to get an idea of the space we were working with, and any other needs we may have. We decided on two retaining walls, one at the bottom of the slope and another at the top, leaving a good flat space in between, and more definition to the area. We also decided that a stone walkway would make everything come together nicely, and make the space more usable.

While expanding the level area we ran into a problem with some old tree roots. We spent a few days trying to dig them out, but ultimately burnt them down low enough to make the area even.

We were able to get the ring in and part of the upper wall built before the weather started to turn. Plans to complete this project before August are underway. Stay tuned for an update.

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