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ElECTRIC Karmann Ghia Project

Retro Toy Airplanes

Finding our Car 

We found what seemed to be an ideal candidate fairly quickly on Craigslist up in Bellingham about 90 miles north of Seattle. It was even the right color. Orange is objectively the best color for a Karmann Ghia. I took a day off from work and solicited my Facebook friends for a ride up to Bellingham. Turns out one of my friends is a pilot and offered to fly me up there. So 8am on Sept 30 the Cessna is gassed up and we are waiting for the terrible overcast weather to break which it does and we head out. There was a moment where it might have been too cloudy to land, but that too cleared up and suddenly I'm at the Bellingham airport waiting to see my new car as my friend heads back to Seattle so he can head in to work. Now my thought is, how am I going to get home if the car turns out to be terrible. The seller shows up and the car looks better in person than in the pictures. I get a brief history of the car, take it for a quick drive and then it's mine. Purrs like a kitten all the way back to Seattle. 

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