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ElECTRIC Karmann Ghia Project


The Dash Disaster 

That winter we decided to tackle the first major restoration project. The dash. Someone had decided they wanted a much more driver centric experience for this car so they installed an aftermarket fiberglass dash and painted the car silver over it's original superior orange. This had to go. We ripped out this monstrosity and discovered they had sawzalled the original dash out. We started a desperate search for a solution and on found someone, in Bellingham…apparently that city is a Mecca for these cars, who could help us out. Dan (NWGhiaGuy) was awesome he had a '70 Ghia that was being parted out and cut the dash out for us even giving us more metal than we needed in case we ran into windshield channel rust or other common problems. 


We didn't get around to finishing the dash until April of 2017. It was just too cold to do a lot of work. We convinced our roommate to move his S2000 enough to get the Ghia in the garage so we could pull the windshield and weld in the new dash.  It looks much better now even if my seams don't line up quite as well as they probably should. 

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